Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Trish Stuebing's Wedding Registry advice

When making selections make sure of two important things. If possible always get your fiancé involved in the selection. This is something you should share with him, and two always select a variety of price points in the gifts you would like to have. Everyone has certain financial restrictions, and you may not know that they cannot afford a three hundred dollar item. Select things for yourself that you know you probably won’t be able to buy and will love 10 years down the road. You won’t always live in that starter apartment and one day you will have storage. Homefront has an toll free North America number and we can handle orders and ship all over the world. 1 800 641 4555 Homefront can store these gifts which allows you to organize them and eliminate the ones you don’t want and put the money toward the ones you do want after the wedding and when you are ready to receive them.
 Appropriate retail prices for gifts:
 Shower: between 25 and 50 
 Engagement: between 50 and 80 
 This depends on income and how close you are to the couple. One rule of thumb is the cost of your dinner but that does not apply if your guest cannot afford it. Encourage your guests to NOT bring gifts to your wedding. They can buy and deliver before the event or they have a year to select something after the wedding. You do not want to be coping with gifts on the wedding day and they need to be discouraged from doing this. This is something Homefront can help you with when your guest purchases the gift.  Homefront (416) 488-3189. 

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