Monday, April 2, 2012

China Machado carries on at age 82

It was with much joy and interest that I opened the May 2012 issue of Fashion and saw a major spread on legendary model China (pronounced Cheena) Machado. She was the first world famous Eurasian model and reported to be photographer Richard Avedon’s favourite muse, and subsequently graced many magazine covers worldwide.
I began modelling in New York in 1959 through the 60’s and one of my steady contracts, three to four times a month was working for two fashion co-ordinators named Edith and Louise. They were the “go to” team that produced the best fashion shows for all the major charities in New York. The result for me was that I met many stars and I got to work with China Machado.
At that time models specialised in Runway or Photography. For the time, we were paid well but not the millions they are paid today. China was shorter than most models and short wasted but when she hit that runway she was the most beautiful exotic woman alive with a presence that no one could match. More than that, she was incredibly kind and helpful to “us lesser mortals” with absolutely no narcissism or attitude.
So there she is in the spotlight again having a well deserved encore at 82. Bravo Fashion for telling her story.