Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Century of wedding dreams in Homefront window

Homefront's Wedding Registry window contains a century of wedding dream. It features a gorgeous heirloom bridal gown which was designed by 1950s Manhattan couturier Eleanora Garnett. The gown was presented to the first bride in 1958. I was that that first bride. It's made of oyster coloured duchess satin and originally had a mandarin collar and wide obi front sash. It was worn in that design by the first three brides and the fourth redesigned the neckline and sash which you see today. The gown is 54 years old and still a classic. Now for a story more than a 100 years old. The veil displayed in our Homefront window is made of silk tulle and embroidered with brussels and rose point lace. It was purchased shortly after 1900 by my grandmother when my mother was just an infant. It was to be worn by my mother at her wedding, and in 1929 it was (upper right). The outdoor wedding took place in September and she walked down a spruce pathway and was married in a pine grove serenaded by madrigal singers. Centre right we see the veil worn by a wartime bride with her RCAF groom. This lady lives today at 97 to recall her fond memories. At the bottom right is a photograph of me wearing the veil.  In all, the veil has been worn by 10 brides and each time it looked different as  different headpieces were used. Today the gown and veil belong to no one bride as they have sailed into history and have become heirloom classics Trish Stuebing, President, Homefront.  Homefront is at 371 Eglinton Ave. West (416) 488-3189 

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