Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Flashback to the hockey season of 2011

January 2011 -- Canadian grandmothers learned about hockey because their fathers played the game. Girls took hockey to be a man's sport. How could I have lived so long and understood so little. Even my daughter was limited to field hockey. 'Intellectually I knew things had changed. But I just shrugged and moved on. The emotional whammy hit when I went to see my granddaughter play real, honest-to-God bone-jolting hockey. Who knew women were so keen to throw body checks? One of the local hockey Coliseums is known as the Rinx, well known I'm sure to everyone but me. It's an incredibly primitive place with hostile signs like "No Public Washrooms.” How did they get that reality past Toronto the Good's Nanny State Licensing Board? Go to Rink Three we were told. But there must be a mistake. Rink Three is full of young men warming up for a game. "No, no," said a smiling mum. "Those are the girls." Our jaws dropped. Omygod! When did skates and padding make girls look like big guys? You have to identify your kid by her pony tail! And when I say things have changed, you know it. There after the game was a hockey father firmly lecturing his little girl about "engaging, engaging" and he didn't mean getting a ring on her finger --Trish

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Customized sports canvas for your hockey hero

A very nice customized wall hanging for your hockey hero is this high quality reproduction canvas featuring images of big league-style team jerseys.  The superb finish produced by the Giclee (stretching and finishing method) gives the canvas the feeling of a work of art. They can be ordered at Homefront to your specifications. Shown here is an 18 by  24 inch canvas of a hockey jersey. There is a girl's shirt available too. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Alexander McQueen at Paris Fashion Week

The Alexander McQueen collection designed by Sarah Burton played with textures that went full throttle on volume for the label's latest Pret-A-Porter collection.