Zellers goes out on a totally zany note

For sheer crazy fun it will be hard to beat the imaginative ads produced by Zellers to give their final Christmas season some punch. Zellers has launched a Facebook campaign that gives its consumers the power to decide which products ought to have a 10% discount and even what Christmas music should be on the retailer’s in-store playlist. Three online videos were created by the Toronto ad agency John St.  They promote the Facebook gambit.  These commercials, three in all and embedded above, feature such improbable characters as the unnamed "executive managing director" who assures us that "we don't worry about anything anymore." So much so, he confesses, that he hasn't worn pants to work in a week.  An equally captivating lunatic is Carole, the manager of store 245.  The “Festive Finale” campaign has Zellers creating a optimistic situation out of the reality that US retail giant Target will soon be taking control of 220 of its stores. It's all very clever.