All about Homefront

The Eglinton store, where we have been established since 1994, is a block and a half west of Avenue Road and directly across the street from the Eglinton Grand (formerly the Eglinton Theatre). Find the Eglinton and you are there. There is ample parking in the Green P lot around the corner off Castle Knock Road.

At 371 Eglinton you will find the informed and helpful staff you have come to know over the years. Bonnie, Trish, Franca, Brook, Recy, Maxine and others. 

Homefront offers a highly specialized form of service which includes: Gift wrapping,  wrapping your food gift purchased elsewhere in our baskets, advice on table linens and the quick manufacture and delivery of tablecloths sewn to your table size. We offer a concierge-style service in the niche of home accessories and tabletop dishes and utensils.

Homefront's Wedding Registry has been making brides happy since we opened in 1994.  Every bride, her family and friends receive personalized and attentive service to their needs. You will never have to waste time trying to find someone to talk to at Homefront. Contact us by phone or mail and we will quickly respond to any question. We will set up an appointment so your registry gets the attention it deserves.  We gift wrap beautifully for free and are able to deliver or ship according to your wishes. Many brides choose to register at a number of locations. We know that when the couple is safely settled at home that they will recall their registry at Homefront as the best.  

Homefront keeps a wide range of glasses, barware and famous signature lines of tableware. We also stock everyday porcelain to keep your kitchen and receptions going strong without busting the budget. If you want to match a product from Homefront which you already own, send us a picture to  and we will give you the answer. Ask us about anything else you would like to know.

Homefront frequently will deliver to nearby homes as a courtesy,    time, weather and daylight permitting. If that is not possible, we will  organize a courier to deliver if that is your wish. This may be helpful to customers in Forest Hill, North Toronto, Deer Park, Lawrence Park,  Leaside,  Davisville Village, Moore Park and Rosedale.

If you live outside of Toronto or outside of Canada, Homefront is set up to organize timely shipping of your parcel. If it's physically possible, we will ship to any part of the world.  

Call us at (416) 488-3189 in Toronto or on our toll-free Canada/US line 1-800-641-4555 And remember our mail: