Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Homefront announces End of Summer Sale

It's time. Homefront has sliced prices down to 40% off on items in acrylic, melamine, ceramic and wood. This is an opportunity to freshen up your kitchen and dining room at the cottage or for your garden. A new collection of Julia Knight pieces arrived today in amethyst, platinum, and snow. New platters and bowls also came in. See you right here. Best,   Trish --  September 10, 2013..

Monday, September 2, 2013

Homefront well stocked for Break the Fast

Erev Yom Kippur is the evening of Friday September 13th and Yom Kippur is Saturday September 14th with Break the Fast Saturday night. For those who are entertaining we have platters, Glassware, Table cloths, napkins, cutlery, serving pieces and everything else you are missing for that special evening. Give us a call we are well stocked  Trish Stuebing 416 488 3189

Monday, August 12, 2013

Join us for a farewell to Bonnie Kruger

Wednesday August 14th from 11.00 to 5.30 Homefront is having an open house reception so that friends, family and customers can give Bonnie Kruger a proper send off to California, We will miss her as she has been part of Homefront for 11 years but she and her family are heading off to a wonderful new experience and we know that she will love it, and enjoy living in her beautiful new house. If you are in town please try to come by as I know she would love to see you and this is the best way to see her. Trish Stuebing Homefront 371 Eglinton Avenue West Toronto M5N 1A3

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Superb "diamond" acrylic for patio and pool

You will want this exquisite Acrylic Bar Ware and Serving Pieces for the Garden and Cottage by San Remo. The St. Remo Group is a shimmering diamond pattern and looks like real glass. Above you see the hi ball, old fashioned, sherbet (or champagne) and stemmed wine. Here's something important: It doesn't show scratches because there are none. Also at H O M E F R O N T for the summer, the Sierra Group with hi ball, double old fashioned, lidded juice pitcher, large salad bowl and servers, matching small salad bowls and wine glass with stem. The Sierra group has simpler lines and both San Remo and Sierra go in the top tray of the dish washer.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spa and deck chair towels are extra long

Our Spring Display introduces Luxury Towels from Europe in designer prints and exceptional colours. Homefront is featuring sauna beach sizes that fit reclining chairs and these prints along with other patterns can be ordered in all the regular sizes for your bathroom. Homefront Summer 2013 has launched. Pools are opening and gardens are blooming and now that the warm weather is finally creeping in, it is time to come by and see our new window displaying new styles for your cottage, garden and pool areas. We have lots of ideas for housewarming and hostess gifts. The big advantage is that there will be no injury due to breaking glass or china. These groups are also dish washer safe. Homefront, 371 Eglinton Ave. W.  (416) 488-3189  and Canada-U.S. toll-free 1-800-641-4555.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring fragrances for Lampe Berger collection

Homefront has received new spring fragrances and lamps to our exciting Lampe Berger collection. Lampe Berger is a great gift for the difficult person who has everything. Also, it you are Lampe Berger client and your catalytic burner or wick needs replacing,  we have new ones. Homefront also carries the Lampe Berger Easy Scent Car Fresheners that plug into your car lighter receptacle with different cartridge fragrances. Some of the refreshing names and scents are Energy, Tobacco, Holiday Mood, and Anti-Travel Sickness. You can pick the fragrance you need to make your driving more pleasant.

Homefront sale on top line blankets and throw

For a limited time Homefront is offering 25% off on all adult in-stock blankets and throws. It's a  perfect opportunity to get those blankets you need for the cottage or a throw for your sofa. Prices originate from $95.00 to $220.00 so you do the arithmetic  In-stock inventory only. 371 Eglinton Ave W.  (416) 488-3189   

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hey, it's going to rain this month -- get ready

That's why you have to take a look at this stunning umbrella stand from Homefront. It has a glossy silver finish over aluminum and stands 33 inches (or 84 cm) high and is a handsome 13 inches wide. Only at Homefront. 371 Eglinton Ave. West. (416) 488-3190 -- Trish . 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Peonies, pillar candles are April values at Homefront

There are some great finds to be had if you make a visit to Homefront this April. We have peonies (artificial) and they look real. We're offering 12 stem bunches in two colours, white with a touch of pink and fuchsia. They're perfect for the bathroom or your dining room table or as a hostess gift. $12 a bunch. Homefront has some of the finest quality pillar candles 2 to 3 inches in  width and 2 to 10 inches high. These excellent candles come in antique white. We have some grey and green taper candles, 10 to 12 inches in length.  They are dripless and burn evenly and last longer than most candles. Our selection is great and this is the time to stock up so you don't run out. We have added many new items to our sale table on the lower level at 40 and 50 percent off so you may find a new treat for you too -- Trish.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Still time to get table cloth for holidays

Though the time has passed to do custom cloths for Passover and Easter we still have a fine selection of assorted cloths in the store. We have Linen, Cotton. and no iron fabrics in all sizes and colours. Please come with your table measurements as every table is different and then we can show you our assortment. We will continue our custom programme delivery after the holidays -- Trish 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Carden-Cunietti wins prestigious design award

Audrey Carden and Eleanora Cunietti
Eleanora Cunietti is a Toronto girl who has made it big in London. The graduate of Branksome Hall and the Ontario College of Art and Design moved to the United Kingdom in the 1990s where her field, interior design, led her to a partnership with Audrey Carden. The team of Carden-Cunietti has become a virtual household name in British and European design and build circles. Now Cardern-Cunietti has added the Home and Gardens Magazine award in design which recognizes British designers who have made a significant contribution to their field. The award was made March 7, 2013, at the British Museum. Audrey and Eleanora beat the fabulous Martin Hubert and Paolo Moschino to win the coveted award. Carden Cunietti is well known for its personal, hands on approach to each  client's needs and seeing all stages of each installation come to fruition. The breadth and depth of the company's fame and acceptance is shown on its website where the partners note that they are now completing two large new build houses in Dublin and Herzelia. They are also working on projects in London, Dublin, Warsaw and Jersey. A personal note, Eleanora is my elder daughter -- Trish 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Many seder plate options at Homefront

Yes it is almost here. Passover begins the evening of March 25th and it is early this year. Homefornt has some creative ideas for a change from the traditional seder plate. Franca has put together different shape platters with bowls that can be used for seder and then later for other events. We have many unique hostess gifts some pre wrapped form 10.00 to 30.00 or many different plates, platters , stands, and bowls to put you home made treats on and leave with your hostess. also in the store are small gifts for children under 10.00 We are well stocked in glassware so if you need to replace or increase we have the selection. Clean up the appearance of you front entrance with a new door mat. We have a large selection of styles to choose from Don't forget cocktail napkins and guest towels. We have paper, cloth and monogram styles at all prices. Our gift wrapping is even more beautiful this year because as you know presentation is everything Hoemfront is open every day so come by and see all our new arrivals. (416) 488-3189. Trish Stuebing . Sent from my iPad

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

50% off sale to make room for new stock

We have to make room! Homefront is selling off fine linen runners with border and mitred corners in cream and (difficult to find) pale blue for 50% off.  These beautiful runners are  72 inches or 90 inches long, for vertical or multiple horizontal use, originally priced at $70 each now $35 each  Also, Homefront has elegant  Accacia Wood Salad Bowls, 12 inches in diameter originally priced at $60,  now priced at $38. How about the popular Glass Jug with easy grip hole in handle originally priced at $60 now half price at $30  We can wrap it beautifully for gift giving. All of this is to clear room for  large shipments of Sophie Conran, Nachtman Glass and Sabre Cutlery. There are many new pieces to see in our table top collections.  A big shipment of  Chilewich door mats in Shag, Basket Weave, Kono and Bamboo has been shipped today and we expect to see it  by Friday, March 1, 2013. With holidays fast approaching, be sure you have the correct tablecloth sizes and glassware.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bread bin part of new Sophie Conran shipment

Homefront has received a large shipment of Sophie Conran dishes and baking pieces.  The shop now has inventory on display which represents among the best selection of this popular china line to be seen locally. Among the numerous large pieces now on display is the recently created Bread Bin (inset). In addition to the Conran line, which is made by Portmerion, Homefront has the Royal Selanger glass line, Nachtman, now replenished. The very popular reversible cake plate and appetizer presenter is available now.  Homefront, 371 Eglinton Ave West, just west of Avenue Road  (416) 488-3189

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Century of wedding dreams in Homefront window

Homefront's Wedding Registry window contains a century of wedding dream. It features a gorgeous heirloom bridal gown which was designed by 1950s Manhattan couturier Eleanora Garnett. The gown was presented to the first bride in 1958. I was that that first bride. It's made of oyster coloured duchess satin and originally had a mandarin collar and wide obi front sash. It was worn in that design by the first three brides and the fourth redesigned the neckline and sash which you see today. The gown is 54 years old and still a classic. Now for a story more than a 100 years old. The veil displayed in our Homefront window is made of silk tulle and embroidered with brussels and rose point lace. It was purchased shortly after 1900 by my grandmother when my mother was just an infant. It was to be worn by my mother at her wedding, and in 1929 it was (upper right). The outdoor wedding took place in September and she walked down a spruce pathway and was married in a pine grove serenaded by madrigal singers. Centre right we see the veil worn by a wartime bride with her RCAF groom. This lady lives today at 97 to recall her fond memories. At the bottom right is a photograph of me wearing the veil.  In all, the veil has been worn by 10 brides and each time it looked different as  different headpieces were used. Today the gown and veil belong to no one bride as they have sailed into history and have become heirloom classics Trish Stuebing, President, Homefront.  Homefront is at 371 Eglinton Ave. West (416) 488-3189 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Floor mats arrive just in time at Homefront

Homefront has received (just in time) a wonderful selection of floor mats, door mats and runners at all price points. Georgette shows us a colourful pattern  (right).  The weather is messy and these will solve your problems with tracked in snow and ice. If you buy from stock, two of these mats we will give you 15% of the price. We are open Monday to Saturday 10 until 6 and Sundays 12 until 5. (416) 488-3189  Don't miss these beautiful and durable faux silk mats in many colours and designs. Trish 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Trish Stuebing's Wedding Registry advice

When making selections make sure of two important things. If possible always get your fiancĂ© involved in the selection. This is something you should share with him, and two always select a variety of price points in the gifts you would like to have. Everyone has certain financial restrictions, and you may not know that they cannot afford a three hundred dollar item. Select things for yourself that you know you probably won’t be able to buy and will love 10 years down the road. You won’t always live in that starter apartment and one day you will have storage. Homefront has an toll free North America number and we can handle orders and ship all over the world. 1 800 641 4555 Homefront can store these gifts which allows you to organize them and eliminate the ones you don’t want and put the money toward the ones you do want after the wedding and when you are ready to receive them.
 Appropriate retail prices for gifts:
 Shower: between 25 and 50 
 Engagement: between 50 and 80 
 This depends on income and how close you are to the couple. One rule of thumb is the cost of your dinner but that does not apply if your guest cannot afford it. Encourage your guests to NOT bring gifts to your wedding. They can buy and deliver before the event or they have a year to select something after the wedding. You do not want to be coping with gifts on the wedding day and they need to be discouraged from doing this. This is something Homefront can help you with when your guest purchases the gift.  Homefront (416) 488-3189.