Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Doppio Zero to open on Eglinton West

Just down the street from Homefront on the north side of Eglinton Ave W west of Shields Ave. is a new restaurant about to open. It's called Doppio Zero, which as amateur Italian speakers may know means Double Zero.   Don't ask us why. But if you order a Doppio Espresso at Starbucks you get two espressos in one. But back to zero, so to speak. Work is going on furiously at this location next door to Gelato Hotel. So far as we can tell, Doppio Zero is an upscale franchised Italian-Western casual dining spot with roots in both the  Republic of South Africa and Hong Kong. We thought their logo was a real eye catcher and easier to say than the name of the business in that store before. It sold furniture under a name posted in, we think, Greek. Tough to tell your friends about it when the name is in Greek.  At least for most of us. 

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