Thursday, November 10, 2011

Like it or not, Toronto is Canada's brand

Flash -- Toronto is the most disliked city in Canada and, at the same time, Canada has the best brand of any country in the world. What should we make of these stories before hitting delete? All around the world people say they want to emigrate to Canada when they really mean that they want to emigrate to Toronto. For vast millions of immigrants and their relatives back home, Toronto is Canada. Out west, many people say 'they dislike Toronto. We suspect that Westerners dislike Toronto for the same reasons immigrants like it. It's a potent place of raw power. (All those banks!). Westerners --especially those who have never been here -- have always disliked the city as a dynamo of Eastern power. It's a kind of no brainer. Unlike the immigrants, Westerners (God bless them) are comfortable and resource rich just where they are. Some of them don't even pay sales taxes. And many of those who do come here find they like it. Funny how that works. As for the rest of the world, well, sorry you non-Torontonians, but it appears that Toronto is Canada's brand.

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